Feature Rich US Online Slots

Online slots give players in the US a chance to win big cash prizes, of that there is no doubt, and very often those winning opportunities are provided by the outstanding online slots features that developers work so hard on. The best US online slots development companies such as Wager Gaming, RTG, Betsoft and Rival Gaming spend many hours in creating feature rich slots that not only provide big wins, but also add immeasurable amounts of entertainment to the slot. Long gone are the days of 3 spinning reels with a few cherries and bars, and although those classic slots are still played by many slots fans, a whole lot more players simply demand more from an online slot. Todays slot player wants a truly immersive online experience with a touch of the luxury added to their online casino entertainment.

Types of Online Slots Features

With so many online slots available for the US slots player, development companies are all in competition to produce the next best slot, and that is fantastic news for you the player. The most common feature types to be found are wild symbols and scatter wins. Wild symbols are to be found in most 5 reel video slots and they are a designated symbol that when see on the reels will replace other symbols to create winning combinations. Many of the very best online slots will now feature more than 1 wild symbol adding a new dimension to the game. Scatter symbols are again a special symbol and these can play 2 roles. Firstly they may pay scatter wins when appearing on the reels and as little as 2 symbols are usually required for a scatter win. Many scatter symbols however play a much more important role and that is to trigger the special features within the slot, and these are extremely varied.

  • Freespins Features - Freespins are triggered in online slots in many ways however it is usually when 3 special symbols appear on the reels. Freespins rounds differ on each slot, however one thing is the same on all, and that is that they are simply adored by all slots players and can provide huge wins. Many freespins rounds come with additional multipliers, and can also be re triggered meaning that they are most definitely to be looked out for.
  • Pick em Rounds - Pick em rounds, or pick em features are another type of feature that is triggered when special symbols appear on the reels. They are simple yet fun features in which items appear, sometimes in a second screen, and you simply pick the items that you think may be hiding the best and biggest prizes.
  • Bonus Games - There are so many different types of bonus games available in todays feature rich online slots, and many of these features are in keeping with the overall theme of the slot that they are found on. You'll discover plenty of adventure and big wins in many of the great bonus games that are available, and in many it's almost like playing a second slot.

With so many online slots the features never end and in many you'll see video footage and movie clips creating a cinematic feel to the slot. In some you will find some of the best animated sequences you'll see anywhere online, and designers are constantly striving to create the next best feature, and for this slots players around the world are grateful.