Progressive Jackpot Wins and Luxury Lifestyles

Whilst there is a huge range of online slots available that provide fantastic features, great graphics and more than a few hours of entertainment, there are no slots that provide jackpots such as those to be found in US progressive jackpot slots. Progressive slots combine the features, the bonus games and the thrills of 5 reel video slots with one huge extra...the chance of winning the progressive jackpot. For many online slots fans these are the only slots to play, as they provide something that no other slot can, and that is the chance of winning such a large amount that it changes your lifestyle completely.

Life Changing Progressive Jackpot Wins

The progressive jackpots you will find in many US online casinos are simply mind blowing and huge payouts have been collected by many residents of the US when playing on these online slots. The figures are astounding, for example in May 2012 a $1.7 Million jackpot was hit when playing the Jackpot Pinatas slot and there have been many similar wins. The largest progressive jackpots to be found are those in RTG casinos and there are three jackpots to be won, and it is often the case that all three jackpots are standing at over the $1 Million mark each.

Such wins can be won and are won on great slots such as Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold slots and Shopping Spree slots to name just two. These wins truly are life changing and they are the reason that so many players enjoy playing progressive jackpot slots. Let's not forget however that there are indeed many other wins to be had on these slots and they are packed with regular high paying wins and features....the jackpot is on top of everything else offered when playing a progressive slot.

Do People Really Win Progressive Jackpots?

The short answer is yes, people do really win these huge progressive jackpots and what many slots players do not realize is that the jackpot amount is already being held by the casino, and when a huge amount is won, the casino is not surprised and the amount won is held separately. Progressive jackpots are created by player contributions, meaning that every time you spin the reels on a progressive slot, a tiny amount of the money you are wagering will go towards the jackpot. This means that the jackpot is constantly growing and that the funds, when the jackpot is hit, are readily available. It's often the case that because the wins are so large and that the casino has a certain amount that it may pay to a customer per transaction, that the win is paid over a short period of time, and these agreements are made in private between the player and the casino.

Where to Play Progressive Slots

You will discover that all casinos featured on Ivory Casinos will offer progressive slots. Once you have signed up and downloaded the casino software at your casino of choice then it is a simple matter of heading to the progressive slots section in the casino, and you choose the slot you wish to enjoy.