Sweet 16 Blast! Slots

Sweet 16 Blast! Slots

When you spot a slot game you love to play, the best thing is to find a sequel to follow it up with. So, if you enjoyed Sweet 16, how about checking out what we thought of the Sweet 16 Blast slot that acts as a sequel? We've brought you the facts in this article.

What is the format in Sweet 16 Blast?

You can expect to see six reels in action, with five symbols rather than three appearing on each. There are no paylines here - and you don't need to search for cluster pays either. Just get enough matching symbols in a spin to get the prize.

A good range of wagers for this game

Go from 20 cents at the lowest end of the scale to $20 if you hit the upper level of betting.

No wilds in Sweet 16 Blast

While you won't get any wilds in play, you will find some scatters, shaped as the Sweet 16 logo. You can also watch out for gummy bears appearing should you get into the free game portion of the slot.

Sweet 16 Blast bonus features

Winning symbols disappear whenever they appear, allowing for new icons to turn up. This process could result in other wins, and if so, the cascade action happens again. You could therefore collect several prizes from the process before it ends.

Find four logo scatters to receive some free spins. This is where those gummy bears come into play, each showing a multiplier. This could be 2x or it could be anything up to 100x per bear. If you get a prize that triggers a cascade, see which values appear on any gummy bears. That's your multiplier for the prizes received in the entire cascading feature.

Should you manage to turn up three more logos in a free game, you'll get another five games added to your remaining ones.

We're sweet on the Sweet 16 Blast game - will you be too?

Try this game on mobile today - it's the easiest way to access it and the best bet for finding demo play to try it first. You'll find similarities with the first title, yet it stands alone to provide some action with a twist.