Miami Club Casino

MiamiClub Casino is a casino that has been in the online game since before the turn of the century and for an online casino that is a long time indeed. There are many things to love about MiamiClub Casino and most of those things have been perfected over the long period of time that it has been around. To find out more about this excellent casino, read on.

Software and Graphics

The software package that is used by MiamiClub Casino currently was created and continues to be maintained by Vegas Technologies. While VT is not as well known by name as some of the other software giants in the field of online gaming, they are nevertheless an excellent producer of software and they have the respect of all of their peers. Their software features excellent functionality and a graphical user interface that is hard to beat elsewhere. Add realistic sounds into the mix and the end result is something very special to behold.

Casino Games

MiamiClub Casino is a lot stricter with their casino game selection than most of the other online casinos and because of this their selection is a lot smaller than average at around 80 online casino games. While this small selection might seem like a disadvantage at first, consider the fact that their strictness results in an overall average quality of gaming that is much higher than at most other casinos. Only the best casino games make it past the weeding process of MiamiClub Casino and that in turn means that your experience gets much better because you only play top quality games.

Bonuses and Promotions

The first time deposit bonus that is currently being offered at MiamiClub Casino is a 100% up to $275 bonus. This means that any amount you deposit up to $275 (provided you deposit the minimum required to qualify for the bonus, which is $100) will be matched by the casino in the bonus they give you. If you deposit more than that, you will still get the maximum $275 bonus. In order to release the bonus, you will need to wager through the combined amount of deposit and bonus 16 times.

In addition to the first time deposit bonus, MiamiClub Casino also has $750 in weekly bonuses available through $250 bonuses every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The percentages for these bonuses are 25%, 50% and 100% respectively.

Deposit and Withdrawal options

1) Credit Card
2) NETeller
3) Wire Transfer

Payout Percentage

The payout percentage at MiamiClub Casino is 98.18%, an amount that includes all of the 80+ games that they offer. Breakdowns of this payout percentage can be found over time in reports readily accessible from their website.

Play MiamiClub Casino Now!

MiamiClub Casino is a rare mark of quality in an industry that is too often measured by the scammers. With excellent service, fantastic bonus offers and a payout percentage that is above average, this casino is definitely worth your business. Many people that play at MiamiClub Casino find themselves coming back instead of looking elsewhere for more action.