Cocoa Casino

If you love chocolate and winning, we have the perfect online casino for you to play at. Cocoa Casino is all about delicious chocolate and the sweet taste of winning in the casino right from the comfort of your own home. This casino came out in 2006 and is still going strong with players who are looking for something new to take a bite out of. But where does chocolate come from? Chocolate comes from a bean that is grown in Central and South America, but it originally came from Mexico about 4,000 years ago during the ancient Mesoamerican era. Ancient tribes from the Mayans and Aztecs in Central America would turn the beans in a rich delicious tea and use it for rituals and even medicine. It wasn’t until Hernan Cortez the Spanish explorer brought chocolate back to Europe is when it became popular when they started to add sugar and honey to make it a sweet and delicious treat. Now you can enjoy a taste of winning when you play at Cocoa Casino. This casino is powered by Rival Casino and has all their games for you to play which includes lots of the most popular games in the industry. Other provides that have been added to this casino include Betsoft, Suacify, Arrow’s edge, Dragon, and Fresh Deck. This gives you lots of options to win even more jackpots. Now let’s take a closer look at Cocoa Casino and see if its right for you.

Cocoa Casino website and how to navigate it correctly

This site is sweet to look at and you will start to drool soon as you see it. The background of the site is all in a deep brown chocolate color and the logo has a cherry in it to make it look delicious. The login in and the join now buttons are to the right and so is the search bar. On the main image they have a beautiful image of a cherry dipped in liquid chocolate with cards, chips and several 3D slots characters like leprechauns, and world explorers. They are also advertising the 200% welcome bonus so you can click on that button and get your cash. Below the main image you will see the, all providers drop down menu so you can choose which provider’s games you want to play. Then there are: All games, live casino, new games, popular, slots, table games, top and the leaderboard. Below the navigation you can see the scrolling list of all the latest winners and how much they won and the game. Now, let’s look at all the promotions you can take advantage of at Cocoa Casino.

Cocoa Casino promotions

When you make your first deposit you will have the option to collect a 200% welcome bonus or you can get 100% cash back insurance in case you have a bad day in the casino…you can get it back. You just contact customer support, and they will add the cashback to your account. They also have the next day cashback which is part of their weekly promotions and specials. Want the VIP treatment? This casino has VIP loyalty or comp points. All you need to do is accumulate comp points and then you can redeem them for cash and use it in the casino. Overall, this casino is great for those who want the luxury taste of winning…more than just chocolate.